“Continuous work on advanced bodies may sometimes make them grow shorter and certainly does little good unless the practitioner (1) manages to reach a deeper level than in previous sessions or (2) works at a higher level of integration than before or (3) find a place he has never tried to clean-up before” Dr.Ida P. Rolf


Beyond the Series… An Advanced Look at 8, 9 & 10

Northwest Hellerwork invites you to attend a special workshop and unique opportunity to work with Dan Bienenfeld, Hellerwork SI trainer and 30-year veteran of Structural Integration.

Come to this 4-day workshop to explore the integrative sessions, 8, 9 and 10, which are the basis for all advanced work. Learn more »  Next workshop to be arranged soon.


Beyond The Series- Advanced Five Workshop- sign up now!

‘The advanced five-session series both compliments and departs from the basic series; it comprises a new module of five sessions that requires a greater degree of participation and awareness from the client and a greater level of skill on the part of the practitioner’
I will post upcoming classes as I schedule them.  Please inquire if you are interested in hosting this workshop.


Principals of Structural Integration for Massage Therapists

In this two hour presentation, Dan Bienenfeld senior faculty for Hellerwork Structural Integration will present theory and usable guidelines for bodywork assessment and treatment protocols. Massage therapists will become aware of the guiding principles for Structural Integration that can enhance and improve your session results. Hellerwork combines structural bodywork, movement education and dialogue to facilitate powerful and transformational results for clients. Dan is author of “Align for Life, Journey to Structural Integration”, a workbook and resource for clients and practitioners. He is a Training Director of the California Hellerwork Institute and the chairman of the Education Board of Hellerwork Structural Integration. Register »


S I Practitioners

Tutorials are an opportunity for practitioners to study privately with Dan.  This may include practice consulting, body mechanics optimization, or 4 handed work with your clients. Contact us for details.

Short classes for SI practitioners, including 3 series, advanced 5 series, scoliosis work, series recipe review, structural awareness training, etc.  You can arrange a class in your area or come to us. Contact us for details


Hellerwork Structural Integration training.

Become certified in Hellerwork SI, go to